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The Levit Wand is unique. Exotic woods and materials are used to construct each handcrafted wand. Among the various woods and materials in our gallery, you will find ebony, faux ivory, boxwood elder burl, lignum vitae, rosewood, cherry wood, purple heart wood, and eucalyptus burl. There is a combination of woods and materials to suit all tastes. These wands are one of a kind – each is unique. And, if you would like to create your own combination of materials, visit our custom orders page.

These wands are not machined, they are handcrafted by Stephen Levit. Each wood and material found in the wands is carefully picked and arranged to provide a stunning combination. The wand is then brought to life as it is handturned, on a lathe. Once sanded, the wand is burnished to a high gloss. it is this combination of materials, finishing and burnishing that creates a truly beautiful piece of art.

In addition to the standard line of wands, you will also find premium wands with even rarer woods.

If you are a strolling magician, you'll want to take a look at our selection of pocket wands. These wands are only 9.25" in length, with a slightly thinner diameter than our full length wands. Also, handcrafted from the most exotic woods and materials, these wands are perfect for walk around or strolling magic.

Included with each wand is a certificate of authenticity, signed by Stephen Levit, indicating the materials used in the wand as well as the date the wand was crafted. Accompanying the certificate is a description of the materials used in the wand. Each wand comes with a microfiber sleeve to carry and protect your new investment.

We strive to craft each wand to the highest standards. In some cases, either some woods contain natural fissures or knots that are revealed upon turning the wood or the turning of the wand itself is less precise. Make no mistake, these wands are still striking and beautiful! We sell these in our "Natural Wand" line at a lower price, although we feel that these variances are part of the beauty of the wand and enhance its uniqueness.

Stephen appreciates all of the wands he creates. However, there is one wand in particular that strikes a special cord with him. It is classical in it's looks, with a flare that makes it stand out from the ordinary. The Signature wand has blackwood tips, a faux ivory band and a cocobolo shaft. Although each wand he crafts is unique and can not be duplicated, this signature wand has a similar look with each he makes with this combination of materials. You can see the signature wand in the premium section of the gallery.